New Jersey is one of the most densely populated states in the country. It's proximity to New York City and Philadelphia, makes New Jersey a geographically desirable area to own and run a business. At Arora Legal LLC, we help new or established business with questions that only an attorney can answer. Speak with our experienced business attorney to discuss your unique business needs.

Starting a new business venture is a complicated process. Whether you are starting a new business, maintaining, buying, selling an established business, or merging your company with another, you need an attorney to guide you through the laws. Having counsel for any type of question or consultation could save you hundreds or thousands of dollars in litigation in the long run.

In addition to Civil & Commercial Litigation, Arora Legal LLC provides counseling in:


  1. Commercial Leasing – development of lease documents for ownership. Negotiation and auditing of leases for tenants for different types of commercial and retail spaces including movie theaters, restaurants, retail, manufacturing and distribution.

  2. Real Estate Litigation – representing commercial real estate owners as well as commercial tenants in different aspects of real estate disputes.

  3. Purchase and Sales – sale, acquisition and assemblage of fee title interests. Negotiation and acquisition of air and other related property rights. Sale and acquisition of joint venture interests, LLC memberships and other membership interests.

  4. Real Estate Development – construction management agreement, operating, shareholder and partnership agreements (for ownership and management). Formation of LLCs for real estate development.

  5. Real Estate Financing – Preparation of documents for mortgage-based lending. Financial arrangements for raising development capital.

  6. Real Estate Tax-Related Matters – assisting clients in real estate tax-related matters such as city and state property tax benefit programs.

  7. Zoning Matters – certificates, permits and other municipal approvals and violations.

  8. Residential Real Estate – representing individual real estate clients as well as cooperatives.

  9. Construction – all legal matters relating to construction, including general as well as subcontractor contracts.