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Mergers and Acquisitions, Commercial Litigation, Contract Review, and Business Entity Selection

Starting a new business venture is a complicated process. Whether you are starting a new business, maintaining, buying, selling an established business, or merging your company with another, you need an attorney to guide you through the laws. Having counsel for any type of question or consultation could save you hundreds or thousands of dollars in litigation in the long run


New Patent Applications, Response to Office Actions, Patent Portfolio Management, Inter Partes Review, Ex Partes Reexamination

Patent Law provides the much needed encouragement that individuals and businesses need to protect their information and intellectual goods. At Arora Legal LLC, we provide counsel for procuring and securing legal instruments for your inventions in all areas of technology


New Trademark Applications, Trademark Searches, Trademark Office Actions

Unique words and designs that represent the “brand name” or “brand identity” of your products and / or services should be protected. The brand identity of a product is commonly known as a trademark and the brand identity for a service is known as a service mark


Your mark, the brand name or design logo associated with your product or service, is the symbol of your hard work, the symbol of the quality of your product or service, the symbol of your skill. Your mark enhances the value of your product and service. Specifically, a trademark is the brand name that appears on your product so that consumers can easily identify your product from those of your competitor